The real estate industry across Europe is changing fast. The role of an astute buying agent has become synonymous with securing your dream property at the best price, while making the entire process much more efficient for you.

We do not rely on nor use property portals. Successfully sourcing the best properties in exclusive European locations takes time, tenacity, years of experience and an extensive contact base. Only a small percentage of properties are advertised on portals, plus those exclude the off-market segment and discreet sales. As buying advisors, we conduct our complete market search by engaging directly with all listings agents and owners for off-market properties. Fully independent, we have access to the entire market. No opportunity is missed.

We do the legwork, so you can enjoy the journey. To manage an acquisition mandate from start to finish takes us 130 hours of work on average. We do not cut corners. This has been key to our success and to be recognised as leading buying agents in Europe. Our process has been developed to make this journey as enjoyable as possible for you, while delivering on our prime objective; finding and securing your dream home.


One of the most important stages of our process is the brief, where we learn about you, your requirements and your objectives. It is essential for us to capture the driving factors behind your search, whether that’s finding a home or developing an investment portfolio.

We take the time to fully understand what you are looking for, guide you through the buying process and advise on the best locations based on your criteria. Whether you have a clear idea of what you are looking for or just a vision, we will listen, help you bring it to life and turn it into a powerful search tool.


Armed with the brief, we then conduct a complete market search within your chosen area. This process involves liaising with all local listing agents, as well as our network of contacts, to find the best properties available both on and off the market. Our in depth market search usually takes two weeks to complete.

From this point, things will move forward fairly quickly. Based on the search results, we will jointly agree on a shortlist of your top properties. We organise the viewing schedule and accompany you to thoroughly appraise each property together.


We schedule property viewings based on your availability and accompany you, so that you can concentrate on the property, without being sold to by an estate agent. Typically, our clients place an offer on a property after these viewings, and the reason is simple – the complete market screening allows us to shortlist only the best properties available, saving you a lot of time, and making the entire property-finding and decision-making process far more efficient for you.


Once you have decided to put an offer on a property, we enter into the negotiation process. With years of experience, market knowledge and insights, this is an area in which we excel. We will agree the negotiating strategy together. The objective of the seller and estate agents is to sell high, our job is to buy low and secure your chosen property at the best terms.


Once the offer has been accepted, we then work alongside your team to complete the purchase. Or, if needed, we can recommend independent and trusted lawyers, notaries, surveyors, architects, mortgage brokers, tax advisors and more. We act as a single point of contact throughout the process and coordinate with all parties, ensuring that due diligence is performed and that the transaction goes through to completion safely and professionally.