We act solely for buyers. Buying a home or an investment property is one of the most important decisions you will make, both financially and emotionally. It is also very time and energy consuming to find the right property. Our role as buying agents is to guide you and support you throughout this journey, and make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Estate agents are mandated by and work for the seller. We act only on your behalf. No conflict of interest.

We know our markets inside-out. Our clients understand the importance of having the right experts by their side and want to be professionally advised for any important transaction. With decades of combined experience, we have an unparalleled track record of finding our clients their dream property across Europe and negotiating the best price. Being fully independent buying agents, we have total market coverage (including off-market properties), giving our buyers a clear competitive advantage, which has led us to complete 94% of our mandates since 2014.


As we do not sell properties, we are free from any outside pressure. No conflict of interest. We use our expertise and knowledge to advise you on the current market performances, the best locations based on your budget and search criteria, to guide you through the buying process and to fully appraise your chosen properties. We develop your brief and we agree on the best strategy together.


Finding the right property at the optimum price is only one aspect of the process. We ensure everything is covered. When required, we will recommend experts from our trusted network to you, including lenders, tax advisors, notaries, lawyers, surveyors, interior designers and architects to ensure you are professionally advised throughout the buying process.


We conduct a complete market search into all available properties within your chosen areas that match your criteria. We identify those listed with estate agents and have preferential access to off-market properties (typically unavailable to view) via our network. Being fully independent buying agents gives us access to the entire market, saving you time and increasing the probability of finding what you are looking for.


We use our experience to filter out properties that do not match your requirements and agree on a shortlist of your top properties from the search results. We organise the viewing schedule and accompany you to thoroughly appraise the properties. No more time wasting viewings.


When making an offer, we manage the negotiation process on your behalf. We are incentivised to save you as much money as possible and use our expertise and market insights to negotiate the optimum price. Our clients’ bids are generally favoured over unrepresented buyers, giving you a competitive edge, and we are experts in making our clients’ budget go further.


Once the offer is accepted, we coordinate the conveyancing process, as well as ownership set up, tax advice and estate planning with all parties. We ensure that due diligence is thoroughly completed and that your transaction goes through to completion professionally.